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The commission obtains HUD funding through the Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA) to conduct a Regional Housing Mobility Program for the metropolitan area. It is to assist lowincome people and minorities with non-traditional housing opportunities - Section 8.

On July 9, the commission hears testimony at a public hearing on the need for guidelines on sexual harassment to be added to the current guidelines on sex discrimination.

The Kentucky Civil Rights Act is amended on July 15 to prevent discrimination practices in employment regarding age (40-70) and women who are pregnant.

Sex is added as a protected class to Kentucky's Fair Housing Law.


Harlan Circuit Court upholds the commission order that U.S. Steel Corporation implement an affirmative action plan for its coal mining operations in its Lynch, KY office in May.



Governor Martha Layne Collins signs the affirmative action plan for state agencies.


Women Eam 14 Cents Less. $77,644.56 is awarded as a result of comparable worth and equal pay cases.



In June, the commission  issues Women Miners-Complaints of Sex Discrimination Force Coal Industry to End 'Male Only' Tradition report.



A $200,000 grant is received to carry out fair housing projects in Kentucky under HUD'S Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP).
Governor's Affirmative Action Award is received for meeting or surpassing the affirmative action goals for employment of minorities and females by state government agencies.



The commission develops ads on TARC and LEXTRAIN buses regarding housing discrimination laws.



London Coal Company ordered to pay women $55.000 for Sex Discrimination. The commission orders Mountain Clay, Inc. (coal company), in London Kentucky, to pay a former female employee $55,000 to compensate her for sex based discrimination in February.



Kentucky schools are reported to be the most integrated in the nation as the result of the 1975 merger of school districts in Louisville and Jefferson County.
After 28 years as Executive Director, Galen Martin steps down and Leonard Clark is appointed on August 22. Clark was the Director of the Equal Opportunity and Human Relations Department for Hillsborough County in Tampa Florida and had held various civil rights positions.

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