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Hall of Fame 2001

Julia Etta Lewis (1932-1998 Lexington)

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In the mid sixties, the late Ms. Lewis was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement in Lexington, and was a key leader in the Kentucky Congress Of Racial Equality. She was a registered nurse by profession who focused on problems of segregation in theatres, education, shopping, trying on clothing and hats before purchase and public transportation. Nonviolent demonstrations and sit-ins were her weapons. Her voice and ability to extemporaneously quote Martin Luther King, William Shakespeare, Paul Lawrence Dunbar and the Bible would inspire and motivate marchers to continue in the fight for freedom. She was a leader of the march and deliberations that integrated her city’s food chain restaurants. She lectured throughout the state on the importance of freedom and responsibility. She participated with the historic Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church activities. She served as council in regard to civil rights issues to mayors, governors and presidents.

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