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Great Black Kentuckians

Georgia Davis Powers

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Georgia Davis Powers (b. 1923) - The first black person to hold a seat in the Kentucky State Senate. Once in office, Ms. Powers, a fighter for civil rights issues, introduced as her first bill a statewide fair housing law. Even before holding office, Ms. Powers were one of the organizers of the Allied Organization for Civil Rights, which worked for passage of a statewide Public Accommodations and Fair Employment Law. During her twenty-one years in office, she sponsored civil rights legislation prohibiting sex, job and age discrimination. She also championed legislation for improved education for the physically and mentally disabled. Throughout her Senate tenure, Ms. Powers empowered blacks, women, children, the poor, and the disabled. A member of various organizations and recipient of numerous awards including honorary doctorate degrees from both the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville, Powers wishes to be remembered as “one who really cared”.

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